Drama Review

You’e Fallen For Me Episode 13

Shin is one of the best boyfriend ever in KDrama land. 😀

Annyeong! 😀 Here’s a quick pit stop about You’ve Fallen For Me. It’s now on its 13th episode, 2 more to go and it’s done. I’m really having a great time watching this drama. Although, it has an overall lighter mood versus the usual dramas I loved, say My Girl, Princess Hours or ever You’re Beautiful. The difference, is probably the main focus of the drama are the equally adorable leads, and they’re involvement on the 100th Anniversary show. It’s fast pace, and conflicts have a way of resolving themselves without being too melodrama.

Sweet! ;-D

It’s enough to keep me waiting for the drama recaps, and too watch the episodes online. But I’m not really sure if this is a drama that I’ll care to do re runs afterwards. But Park Shin Hye is a beauty here, as again. And Jung Yong-Hwa is equally adorable. Two more episodes, and the then we’ll see. Thank goodness, there’s Scent of a Woman to supplement a love story more of my generation. ;-D

Image Credits: Dramabeans Episode 13 Screencaps


  1. Hi there~ Thank you! Aww I haven't seen this yet! 😦 I miss seeing Shin Ye on a drama! I'm so laaate! o_OI've visited your blog a while ago and then when I was about to follow, I got disconnected. \”-__- Anyhoo, I've followed you already. Hwaiting~! Looking forward to your posts! 🙂


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